4Runner TRD PRO Grille Lights "Raptor Lights"

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4Runner TRD PRO Grille Lights "Raptor Lights"

4Runner LED Grille Lights "Raptor Lights"

Inspired by the iconic Ford Raptor's LED lighting in the grille, a popular mod for Toyota 4Runner TRD PRO owners is to install LED accent lighting into the grille of their vehicle.

YotaLeds.com has made it easy to do so with our new Amber LED Wiring Harness Kit. Our kit includes everything you need to add the popular 4Runner Grille Lights to your TRD PRO.

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The YotaLeds.com 4Runner Grille Lights kit is designed to fit perfectly flush with the grille of the Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen TRD PRO. The lights are installed from the back into the grille, so they sit completely flush for a straight from the factory look. Most of the DIY kits out there place the LEDs on top of the grille resulting in a bulky messy install. For those planning to spend thousands of dollars on their new 4Runner, it's worth buying a kit specifically designed for your vehicle.

What's included in the kit?

Our kit includes everything you need for an easy, tool-free install. The kit is designed to tap into an empty fuse, and the lights go on with ignition of your vehicle. The kit includes enough zip ties for the install, as well as the additional fuse you'll need to install.


How do I know which kit I need?

We currently offer two versions of our popular Amber LED Wiring Harness kit. The two-led kit is designed for those with a 5th Gen (14-18) 4Runner SR5, Trail or Trail Off-Road Grille. Those with a TRD PRO or who have installed a TRD Pro on their vehicle are suggested to use the three-led kit.


How long will the LED Grille Lights last?

Lastly, our kit is made from high-quality LEDs sourced from Grand General. LED lights are notable for being extremely long-lasting products, with many of their LEDs having a rated life of up to 50,000 hours! Using an LED 12 hours a day, a 50,000 bulb will last you more than 11 years. Used 8 hours a day, a 50,000-hour bulb can last 17 years! Click here to shop the YotaLeds.com Amber LED Wiring Harness Kit

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