Top 5 Most Affordable Tacoma Mods

Top 5 Most Affordable Tacoma Mods

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The Top 5 Most Affordable Mods for your new Toyota Tacoma 3rd Gen (2016-2021). This list includes some of the most common and most affordable ways to customize your Toyota Tacoma truck. Not only are all of the items on this list super affordable, but they are also easy to install and make for some fun at home projects for your new vehicle! 

Our List of the 5 Most Affordable Tacoma Mods

Vehicle modification on the Toyota Tacoma can include a wide variety of parts, from interior modifications to wheels and suspension all the way to body armor. These modifications can quickly add up and put a large dent in your wallet. We put this handy guide together to help people find some of the more affordable Toyota Tacoma Mods and aftermarket parts available. Most of the time, these are purchases people make when they first purchase their vehicle because these are more low spend items that don’t require you to visit your local shop for service and installation.

#1 Tacoma Tailgate Letter Inserts 

Tailgate inserts are one of the most popular, and also easiest to install modifications out there for the Tacoma. These inlays install directly into the cutout Tacoma lettering on the tailgate of your truck. You can find a high quality set of inserts for usually under $40, and they come in a variety of colors - from matte black, to red, and chrome. You'll want to look out for a set that uses high quality adhesive - usually 3M brand is a good sign. 


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#2 Tacoma Blackout Overlay Kit  

Another common mod you'll see on the 3rd Gen Tacoma, is blacking out the emblems - this includes not only the Toyota logos on the truck, but also the additional trim badges that come on the truck. It's becoming more and more common to see car manufacturers or dealers even now selling vehicles with these kits pre-installed. We suggest always using an overlay kit, it's a much easier and cleaner way to blackout your logos instead of trying to mask and spray yourself. These overlay kits are super easy to install, and stick directly on top of the factory badges on your vehicle. Pro Tip - we always suggest making sure the emblems are super clean before sticking on the new overlays, use rubbing alcohol to prep the surface for a perfect installation.

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#3 LED Headlights

One of the most lacking aspects of the Toyota Tacoma is the halogen headlights that it comes with from the factory. This day and age most vehicles already come with LED or Xenon Headlights straight from the factory. The halogen headlights on the Tacoma are not very bright and are worth upgrading for improved visibility on the road. For between $50 to $100 you can add a nice set of LED Headlights to your Tacoma that really help light up the road. Not only do these brighter lights look better, but they help keep you a little bit safer.

We suggest the Alla Combo Headlight package - for under $90 you can replace both your low beams and high beams to high quality LED lights.

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#4 Vehicle Organizational Items

The great thing about the Toyota Tacoma is the amount of space you have in the vehicle. Unfortunately, this space isn’t totally managed in the best possible space. On the bright side, this gives you the freedom to deck out your Tacoma to your specific needs and uses. There are some great accessories out there to help better manage the space in your vehicle. Our personal favorite is the Vehicle OCD organization package - this includes a center console divider, tray, and glove box organizer for under $40. Vehicle OCD products are always super high quality and come with a perfect OEM fit, always. 

#5 Tacoma Raptor Grille Lights 


"Raptor" lights, or LED Grille Lights, have become more and more popular on non-Ford vehicles over the year. The cool glow of amber or white LED grille lights adds a unique and aggressive look on the front of your car. At Yota Leds, we offer 8 different types of raptor grille lights and wiring harnesses for the Toyota Tacoma. All of our sets are grille-specific, meaning they are designed to fit perfectly with the different style Tacoma OEM grilles out in the marketplace. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help finding the right set for your vehicle! 


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We know it can be difficult to limit it to just 5 items when it comes to your Tacoma modification. Check out our 'Bonus List' of some of the other most common 4Runner modifications - all affordable and quick and easy to install!

Tacoma Rear Window Flag Deal

This is another super common, Tacoma favorite. Show your patriotism with a rear window flag decal. There are also other decal design options available, with forest and mountain themes, state flags, and more!

Tacoma Grille Badge

The grille badge is a relatively new product, first made popular on Instagram. These badges mount easily into the grille of the Tacoma (also universal with 4Runner) and come in a variety of color schemes to match your vehicle or theme. My personal favorite is the Toyota tri-color heritage theme, showing the retro race colors of the Toyota brand.

All Weather Floormats

If your vehicle still has the factory carpet floor mats, all-weather liners are a must-have! Protect your carpet and interior against the winter weather and any of your 4Runner adventures. This makes clean up SO much easier after a weekend of exploration. Great for sand after beach trips and more!

Interior LED Lightbulbs

Interior LED bulbs are a nice and affordable way to "modernize" the look inside your vehicle. The clean, bright, white shine from the LEDs helps illuminate the inside while looking much more modern than a traditional halogen bulb. I'm still surprised when vehicles don't come from the factory with interior LEDs - this is an area Toyota should look to improve on for future years.