Circular LED 4Runner Grille Wiring Harness for 5th Gen Toyota (14-23)

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All new metal mounting brackets and our complete plug and play wiring harness make it easier than ever to add LED Grill Lights to your Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen. 

YOTA LEDS 4Runner 5th Gen LED Grille Lights, Brackets and Complete Plug and Play Wiring Harness Kit

Check out our all-new, custom, laser-cut, mounting brackets to add the popular LED Grille light mod to your 5th Gen 4Runner. Available in White or Amber LED lights and your choice of 2 or 3 LED based on your grille style.

For 2014-2023 Toyota 4Runner - available in two style options depending on your grille style.

Offering a complete plug and play wiring harness for the 4Runner LED Grille lights for the 5th Gen (2014-2023) Toyota. Our insulated wiring harness turns the popular LED grille light mod into a 5 to 10-minute easy installation. 

Yota Leds LED 4Runner Grille Light Kit

Our wiring harness kit includes everything you need to install the LED Grille mod to your 2014-2020 Toyota 4Runner - including your choice of Amber or White LED lights, black laser cut brackets, installation hardware, and an add-a-fuse with additional 10amp fuses, as well as installation instructions. With the use of the add-a-fuse, the LEDs are designed to turn on whenever the vehicle is on, however you can also wire them to turn on with your headlights - your choice! Looks great day or night!

The LED Wiring Harness is available in 2 options. See our bumper guide below for reference.

Available Wiring Harness Options 

    • 2 LED option for SR5 and TRD Off-Road Bumper
    • 3 LED option for TRD PRO Bumper
4runner bumper style guide |

What's Included in the 4Runner LED Grille Lights Kit?

    • Aluminum Black Anodized Brackets (2 or 3 based on your Grille Style)
    • Your choice of Amber or White LED
    • Complete insulated wiring harness
    • Add-a-fuse, 2 10amp fuses
    • Ground
    • Stainless steel mounting hardware

Don’t mess around with DIY wiring or low-quality electricals on your vehicle. The Yota Leds wiring harness does not require any tapping or cutting into your vehicle’s original wiring.

The kit includes everything you need for easy installation – from the package to your grille in 15 minutes or less!

LED Bulb Information: 

    • Lifetime up to 50,000 hours
    • 110 Lumens
    • Covered by a Six Month Warranty

Click here for Installation Instructions specific to this harness

Please note - this harness installs in the engine bay fuse box - follow the link above for the correct instructions. The fuse box on the 2020/2021 4Runner is slightly different, for the installation we suggest using the fuse for the power outlets. 


If you have any additional questions, please check out our FAQ or contact us.

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