FJ Cruiser LED Grille Lights and Wiring Harness

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Introducing our newly designed brackets and complete wiring harness for the 206-2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser - featuring all-black wiring for a sleek install, with durable connection points and a longer power wire for flexibility with your install.

YOTA LEDS FJ Cruiser LED Grille Lights

Our Amber LED FJ Cruiser Grille light kit is designed to fit all models and trims of the iconic Toyota FJ Cruiser. The kit includes three laser cut, anodized mounting brackets, three Amber or White LED lights, and a complete, professionally built wiring harness for easy installation.

Compatible with 2006 through 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser

We are the first to offer a complete plug and play wiring harness for the Amber LED Grille marker lights and brackets for the 2006 - 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser. Our professionally built, insulated wiring harness turns the popular LED grille light mod into a 10 to 15-minute easy installation.

The lights can be installed to turn on with the ignition of your vehicle or can be installed to turn on with your headlights. The choice is yours - please reference our Installation Guide for more info.

Our brackets and harnesses is designed so that you can customize the spacing on your grill - flexibility to install the lights where you prefer.

Included in the FJ Cruiser LED Grille Light Kit

  • Aluminum Black Anodized Brackets x3
  • Amber or White LED Lights x3
  • Complete insulated wiring harness
  • Add-a-fuse + Two (2) 10 Amp Fuses
  • Ground
  • Stainless steel mounting hardware

Don't mess around with DIY wiring or low-quality electricals on your vehicle. The Yota Leds wiring harness does not require any tapping or cutting into your vehicle's original wiring. Our professionally made wiring harness kit is the first and only FJ Cruiser Grille Lights kit installed with metal brackets and designed to fit flush with the grille of your vehicle

The kit includes everything you need for easy installation - from the package to your grille in 15 minutes or less!

LED Information: 

  • Lifetime up to 50,000 hours
  • 110 Lumens
  • Covered by a Six Month Warranty

Sleek and "Original" Looking Installation! Made in the USA 


If you have any additional questions, please check out our FAQ or contact us or be sure to follow us on Instagram!


(Please note - the steps for installation are the same for all vehicles, we always suggest using the 10amp INJ fuse for installation, but you can test other slots if your vehicle has empty fuses)