2020-23 4Runner 5th Gen Non-TRD PRO Grille Lights

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YOTA LEDS LED Grille Lights for the 2020-2023 4Runner 5th Gen SR5, Venture, Limited, Nightshade, Off-Road

The plug-and-play, complete wiring harness makes for an easy installation. Our kit includes a ground and add-a-fuse so you can tap into whichever fuse you'd like. They can be installed to turn on with the ignition of your vehicle using the 10amp INJ fuse, or using your 10amp Headlight fuse so they turn on with your truck's headlights.

Please note - most of the kits available in the market are not truly "plug-and-play" and do require some modification and wiring experience. We make it easy with our plug-and-play kit that ships with everything you need for a quick and easy install!

Included in the Raptor Light Kit

    • 4 Leds with 2 Brackets
    • Plug and play wiring harness for easy installation
    • Ground
    • Add-A-Fuse


  • These LEDs are designed specifically for the 2020 through 2023 Toyota 4Runner with the non-TRD PRO Grille - applicable for the SR5, TRD Off-Road, Venture, Limited, and Nightshade. This kit is ONLY compatible with the grille style shown and only mounts in the slots shown - the upper section of the LED. PLEASE NOTE THIS INSTALLATION INFORMATION.
  • Please note: If the INJ fuse is located in the elevated row of the fuse box, you'll need to use another fuse location for installation to be able to close the fuse box lid. Please use the 10amp headlight low beam in this case. 
  • These LEDs mount on the top of the grille with a mounting plate and bolts and washer on the backside of the grille. 

Click here for Installation Guide