Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen Liftgate Pull Strap Installation Guide

Installation Guide for the Yota Leds 4Runner Hatch Liftgate Strap


The Yota Leds 4Runner 5th Gen Hatch Liftgate Strap is an easy installation that requires minimal tools. Easily upgrade and style your 5th Gen 4Runner with a unique and custom grab strap. With 1" of extra strap length, this is a great option for those with a lifted vehicle or anyone that could use a little help reaching the hatch.


Tools Required:

  • 10mm Socket
  • Plastic Pry Tools or Screwdriver

Estimated Time:

  • 5-10 Minutes

Installation Steps

STEP 1: Remove the Liftgate Pull Strap Plastic Cover

Use your plastic pry tools, or a small flathead screwdriver, to gently remove the liftgate pull strap plastic cover. If you look closely, you'll notice a small indent on the right side of the cover. This is where you can easily pry off the cover.


STEP 2: Use 10MM Socket to Remove Bolt

Use your 10MM socket to remove the bolt and washer. Note, the OEM pull strap will be loose so use caution to not drop it.


STEP 3: Install the Yota Leds Liftgate Strap

Place the OEM 10mm bolt through the Yota Leds liftgate pull strap and thread the new bolt into place.


STEP 4: Snap the Liftgate Pull Strap Plastic Cover Back Into Place

Easy as that!