Sequoia Grille Lights Installation Guide Sequoia LED Grille Lights Wiring Harness Installation Guide

Please reference the following installation guide to install your new LED Grille Lights, Brackets and Wiring Harness for your 2018-2021+ Toyota Sequoia with the TRD PRO or TRD-PRO style grille. Professional installation is always highly recommended.

We are not liable for any damage to your vehicle or otherwise that may occur.

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What’s Included:

  • Complete Insulated Wiring Harness with 3x LED Lights (Available in Amber or White)
  • 3x Custom Laser Cut Brackets, 3x Rear Mounting Brackets and Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Add-a-circuit with Two 10-amp Fuses
  • Zip-Ties for additional Harness Securing and installation

Tools Needed:

  • Scissors
  • Flashlight
  • 10mm Socket

Sequoia LED Grille Lights Step by Step Installation

2. Lay out the wiring harness behind the grille - the brackets are all slot specific, so the longest wire of the harness should reach the passenger side grille slot. 

Start with the passenger side LED, separating the LED from the bracket and mounting hardware so that the LED and Bracket can be passed through the grille from the back.


3. Secure the LEDs with the rear bracket, bolt and mounting hardware from the backside of the grill. Repeat this step for all three LEDs - from Passenger side to Drive Side. Please do not over-tighten the LED and washer to prevent causing damage to your grille.

4. Use zip ties to secure the harness wire to the grill in the small slots of the grille support beams. This will keep the harness from sagging behind the grille and out of sight.

5. Now with the LEDs and the brackets in place, place your grille back in line with the mounts. Run the harness towards the driver side of the vehicle - where you will find the ground terminal and fuse box. You can now use 1 or 2 bolts to keep your grill in place while you finish the installation.

6. Locate the ground terminal on the apron. It is a 10mm bolt. Follow the wire from the negative terminal on the battery to the 10mm ground bolt on the apron. With the negative terminal on the battery disconnected (optional), remove the bolt to add your harnesses' ground terminal (circular end). Re-tighten the ground terminal to the apron.

7. Now to power your Lights, run the wiring harness along the driver side fender and battery leading the Add-a-Fuse of the harness to the fuse box.

Note:  Do not attempt to stretch the harness to reach any mounting point as it may compromise the strength of the connections.

8.  The power wire does not need to be pushed into the fuse box slot if you use a round file to make a small slot for the wire on the fuse box cover.

We do not recommend cutting the fuse box bottom half for the passage.  If you cut the lid only, you can replace the lid easily in the future, should you wish to remove the grille light harness.

There are a few different installation locations for the Add-A-Fuse depending on your vehicle and options. Please be sure to reference the lid of your Fuse Box for the correct fuse location.

9. Remove the Red 10 Amp INJ  Fuse or and insert the Add-A-Fuse in its place.

Route the grille LED lights power wire inside the fuse box such that there is some slack on the wire and pass it through the small slot you made into the fuse box cover.  Install the fuse box lid securely.
If you'd like to install the LED's so that they only turn on when the headlights are on, you can use slot H-LP LH-LO 10 Amp Fuse.
Please note: Due to the large number of variations of the underhood fuse box design, the proper Fuse may be located somewhere different than the photos referenced. Depending on the model of your vehicle we will be posting pictures and directions for all variations as we get feedback.
Test the installation by turning your vehicle power on. The lights are on when the car has its ignition switch turned on.
For your reference, the fuses on the Add-A-Fuse are as follows:  The lower fuse, closer to the fuse box,  replaces the original INJ fuse. The upper fuse is for the LED lights.