2022 Tundra TRD / Limited Installation Guide

Installation Guide for the 2022 Tundra TRD / Limited LED Grille Light kit from Yota Leds

Please note: This kit is only compatible with the OEM grille style shown below. All of our grille LED kits are custom made for each specific grille application and thus are not cross compatible. Professional installation is always suggested.   

Mounting bracket shown below (please note - the wiring harness shown is just a SAMPLE not the production level harnesses)

The kit includes two brackets that install on both sides of the Toyota logo as shown below. The bracket is designed to install in the OEM holes that connect the grille to the vehicle (Shown below). A set of plastic clips (4x) are provided with the grille kit for installation. Use the second clip in the circled area below to mount the LED. 

Slide the bracket from the front of the grille to match the top mounting holes with the slots shown below. 

Please note: If you vehicle has the Active Shutter in the front grille, you will have to remove the 3 bolts at the top that hold it onto the frame in order to make room to slide the LEDs into their correct slots. 

Locate the ground terminal on the apron. It is a 10mm bolt. Follow the wire from the negative terminal on the battery to the 10mm ground bolt on the apron. With the negative terminal on the battery disconnected (optional), remove the bolt to add your harnesses' ground terminal (circular end). Re-tighten the ground terminal to the apron.

Example ground location near the drivers side fuse box where the INJ fuse is located. 

Run the wiring harness towards the fuse box along the front fender well, we suggest using the 10amp INJ fuse for installation for the LEDs to turn on with the vehicle. You can use the headlight fuse alternatively if you want them to only turn on with the headlights.

Remove the fuse that is currently installed in the fuse box, and insert it into the provided add-a-fuse blade. There should now be two fuses in the add-a-fuse, one to replace the current fuse and one fuse for the LEDs.

Reinstall the add-a-fuse into the specified slot (INJ or Headlights) Please note, there may be two different INJ fuses in your vehicle, please be sure to use the 10amp  

Note:  Do not attempt to stretch the harness to reach any mounting point as it may compromise the strength of the connections.

To close the fuse box lid, we suggest using a round file to make a small slot for the power wire to exit the fuse box cleanly without any pinching.

We do not recommend cutting the fuse box bottom half for the passage.  If you cut the lid only, you can replace the lid easily in the future, should you wish to remove the grille light harness.

Test the installation by turning your vehicle power on. The lights are on when the car has its ignition switch turned on.