Toyota Rav4 5th Gen LED Grille Lights Installation

 Toyota 2018+ RAV4 5th Gen LED Grille Lights Installation Guide

Introducing our newly designed brackets and complete wiring harness for the Toyota RAV4 with the TRD Adventure/Trail/Edge Grille- featuring all-black wiring for a sleek install, with durable connection points and a longer power wire for flexibility with your install.

Step By Step Installation Guide

  • Remove the two 10mm hex head  bolts retaining the air intake horn onto the radiator support and remove the air intake horn.

  • 2. Using a permanent marker, mark the outline of the hood latch on the radiator support as seen in the pictures below. This facilitates the correct re-installation by ensuring the latch is exactly in the same place where it was prior the removal.  The latch is held in place with three 10 mm hex head bolts. Make sure to mark both sides of the latch location.

  • Remove the three 10 mm hex head bolts securing the hood latch to the radiator support. The lines you drew on the radiator support will guide you when re-installing it.

  • Remove the five “push clips” by gently raising the center portion of the clip, about ¼”, this releases the clip so it can be pulled. A small flat blade screwdriver is good for this. These clips get re-installed by placing the clip back in the hole, then gently pushing the center portion down, thereby locking it in place.  After removing the clips, remove the two 10mm hex head bolts shown in the picture and remove the large plastic radiator support cover, now free to be removed from it’s place. Gently pull the cover toward the engine and it will slide back.  This enables you to gain access to install the brackets for the Yotaleds lights.

  • Loosen up the nuts securing the brackets to the LED lights. Start by slipping the passenger side bracket and the lights through the grille opening as shown in the picture, the top row, middle opening.  Make sure the ears of the bracket go over the vertical grille bars, thereby securing the bracket in the correct location.  Slip the large washers over the LED lights behind the grille and finger tighten the nuts, thereby securing the lights and the brackets.  The light front bezels have small flat sections on them, they are there to make sure they fit between the horizontal grille bars.  Align the flat sections parallel with the grille bars.


  • Run the wires near the top of the grille, secure with the zip ties provided and install the driver’s side light just like the passenger side.  Don’t overtighten the nuts, just make them snug.


  • Run the wires trough the plastic panels toward the fuse box. Install the ground wire on the radiator support 10mm hex head bolt.